Marmot Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers our clients sewer line camera inspections in Boulder and the surrounding areas.  Our sewer line inspection team will identify sewer and drain blockages with the use of a video camera, but are also able to make recommendations, spot potential concerns and offer a course of action if necessary.

Using state of the art camera technology, we have the ability to see detail and make a recommendation as opposed to trouble-shooting with zero visibility. If a broken line is detected, a transmitter will indicate the exact location to minimize excavation (and cost).

Thinking of buying a home?  Marmot is happy to offer plumbing line inspections prior to a real estate purchase.  Investing in a reasonable inspection fee can save you thousands of dollars. Camera inspection recordings also offer a great tool for “proof” when making an insurance claim.

We do not charge for line location, and we provide a date and location stamped copy of the video inspection.